CertainSafe Debuts HIPAA-Compliant File Sharing, Storage Platform

The file sharing service has a PCI Level 1 DSS data security certification, which is categorized as being more stringent than being "in compliance."

health IT and file sharing

Secure file sharing specialist CertainSafe announced the launch of its file sharing and data storage service for the health care industry, which is HIPPA-compliant, with plans starting at $8.97 per month.

The company’s MicroTokenization means each piece of data is broken down, tokenized and scattered across multiple secure servers, and the platform offers features including file sharing, secure messaging audit trail capabilities, military-grade shredding of deleted files, branding capabilities and version control.

"File and/or record sharing continue to be a necessity within health care. In far too many instances, time is of the essence, and is in many cases a matter of life and death," Steven Russo, executive vice president of CertainSafe, told eWEEK. "It is common practice today, because of these ongoing fears, that medical facilities require an individual to physically pick up a copy of said records so that they can be hand-delivered and signed for so that the threat of exploitation can be not only mitigated, but for the most part eliminated with regard to such a transfer."

CertainSafe’s file sharing service has a PCI Level 1 DSS data security certification, which is categorized as being more stringent than being in "compliance," and the company’s double-redundant data centers are audited and certified to maintain a dual-standard SSAE16 and ISAE 3402 Service Organization Control (SOC) 1 Type II, SOC 2 Type II and SOC 3.

Other security methods CertainSafe uses includes a multi-layered login process that uses a personal picture and a personal phrase, both delivered from different servers. A challenge question follows that up to provide an additional layer of login security.

"The technology exists today that allows for the sharing of information. However, the need to secure this information has never been greater. It must be remembered that compliancy is not a synonym for security," Russo said. "Simply because a method is compliant it by no means should be mistaken for it being secure. Herein lies the challenges. There are solutions, though not many, that can provide the infrastructure that is required to meet and/or exceed the current needs."

Health care tops the list of per capita data breach cost by industries at $359, according to the 2014 Ponemon Institute Cost of Data Breach Study. In comparison, the retail industry’s per capita data breach cost is only $105.

Russo also noted mobile technology is changing the way health professionals share knowledge and resources.

"With the advent of technology, when a secure and HIPAA-compliant solution is utilized, in the case of an emergency, a care provider can now view blood work, exam results and even an X-ray via their phone and/or tablet while away from their office or on the side of the road while in their automobile," he said. "They can save a life by viewing an X-ray or MRI on their tablet while in a restaurant and outside their office or hospital. Mobile technology provides game-changing results for those in real need."