Coaxing Web 2.0 into the Enterprise

Web 2.0 technologies, including wikis, blogs, and social networks, are making steady progress into most organizations today. However, as the technologies are embraced a potentially troubling trend for IT is emerging. In many efforts, users take the initiative and use open source tools or free services to introduce Web 2.0 technology into an organization. A recent McKinsey report on enterprise adoption of Web 2.0 technologies found that those companies that report the overall highest satisfaction with the tools and technologies are those in which IT plays NO role in selection and deployment. Conversely, those with the highest dissatisfaction levels are also the most likely to let IT lead the charge. Certainly IT cannot be left out of the equation. IT needs to ensure security and access controls are in place. And in many cases, the wisdom assimilated using Web 2.0 technologies needs to be preserved for its pure collective corporate knowledge and intellectual property value. So how do you overcome this apparent dilemma?