Cognos Integrates Adaytum Products

Cognos expected to announce new corporate performance management solution that incorporates technology acquired from Adaytum.

Cognos Inc. is expected to announce this week a new corporate performance management solution that incorporates technology the company acquired when it bought Adaytum Inc. in December.

Cognos, based in Ottawa, Ontario, is combining Adaytums planning, budgeting and forecasting applications with its own applications for financial analytics, scorecarding and enterprise reporting. The enterprise planning solution will be a part of Cognos Series 7, Release 1, according to Cognos officials.

"The integration will bring Cognos more into the CFOs office," said Mark Stimpson, director of product management for Management Series Planning.

Stimpson said that while Cognos did not previously have the planning capabilities to handle complex business logic, the integration will also take Adaytums software far beyond its planning and forecasting strengths.

"Corporate performance management is not just planning and forecasting, but monitoring the business and understanding the business and keeping track of how actual performance compares to the plan," said Stimpson.

Cognos Series 7 will provide analysis and reporting integrated with the Adaytum applications. Users will be able to drill down into PowerPlay OLAP cubes from the Adaytum planning and forecasting environment to investigate underlying data. Cognos Impromptu catalog will also provide the semantic layer for reporting from the planning and forecasting applications.

Cognos Metrics Manager will combine scorecarding with Adaytums planning and forecasting capabilities to allow decision makers to adjust their plans based on early returns.

Cognos is also combining the consolidation and financial reporting capabilities of its Cognos Finance application with Adaytums planning capability, helping CFOs to judge performance vs. plan.

And Cognos is offering single sign-on across all of the applications and providing access to the Adaytum applications from the Cognos Series 7 portal environment.

This integration is expected to be completed by the end of the month.

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