Computer Associates to Join Eclipse Foundation

As part of a broad open-source initiative CA is undertaking to support its developers, it plans to join other companies overseeing the building of the Eclipse open-source development platform.

Computer Associates International is expected to announce its plans to join the Eclipse Foundation at its annual conference next week.

The Islandia, N.Y.-based company will join the Eclipse Foundation as part of a broad open-source initiative it is undertaking to support its developers. Computer Associates International Inc. is expected to clarify its plans during its CAWorld conference in Las Vegas next week.

Eclipse is an open-source development environment started by IBM Corp. and then donated to the open-source community.

Though the Eclipse consortium has always had several member companies, IBM only recently spun the organization out as an independent entity last February at the first annual EclipseCon conference in Anaheim, Calif.

At a recent Linux on Wall Street symposium in New York, Sam Greenblatt, senior vice president and chief architect of the Linux Technology Group at CA, said the company would soon be joining Eclipse.

As part of its effort to support the development of modular applications and services, CAs Greenblatt said, "We will shortly be announcing our joining of the Eclipse group, and we will do a complete application deployment model."

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The Eclipse Foundation, the organization overseeing the development of the Eclipse open-source development platform, has more than 50 member companies. Indeed, Greenblatt said at CAWorld, CA will make several major announcements about working with the Linux community and fostering community support in general.

An Eclipse member, who asked not to be identified, said: "There is a long list of companies in the pipeline at this point. Some of the membership stuff has been slow-moving during the transition, but should reaccelerate soon.

"The policy is for the new members to announce themselves," the member said. "That way, they can do it in the manner in which they think is best from their perspective. The Eclipse Foundation only lists members after they make public announcements on their own."

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