Computer Systems Analysts

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Computer Systems Analysts

Depending on the company and the need, computer systems analysts can be tasked with anything from analyzing a CRM (customer relationship management) system to leveraging existing IT assets to boost workplace productivity.

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Computer Software Engineers (App Developers)

These workers design and build programs, including the mobile apps that are growing increasingly popular.

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Network and Computer Systems Administrators

IT administrators ensure that systems run smoothly, which ensures that the business runs smoothly.

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IT Project Managers

The success or failure of a particular IT project is usually dependent on the effectiveness of its manager.

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Computer Programmers

Software needs to be written, and these are the people who will do it.

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Computer System Engineers and Architects

Computer system engineers and architects evaluate a particular organization's IT needs and help implement the necessary platforms.

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Software Quality Assurance Engineers and Testers

These roles involve testing and monitoring software development in order to ensure ultimate quality.

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Database Administrators

Database administrators are responsible for the implementation and maintenance of databases.

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