Contivo, BEA Team for Data Integration

Automated data integration vendor Contivo will bundle its namesake Analyst software with BEA's WebLogic Integration 7.0 module.

Automated data integration vendor Contivo Inc. announced plans today to bundle its namesake Analyst software with BEA Systems WebLogic Integration 7.0 module.

Analyst is the front end to Contivos Enterprise Integration Modeling Solution, while WebLogic 7.0 is part of BEAs WebLogic platform that unifies application development and integration.

Analyst has been part of both the pilot and production models of 7.0.

With Contivo Analyst, BEA users will have the capability to access a Java-based graphical user interface that allows for reusable data integration between their enterprise and business-to-business applications, officials said.

Analyst can create semantic and structural models of integration data, which will allow BEA users to automatically build and manage XML maps that link data between companies and B2B applications.

Users will be able to import, export and manage XML documents--including Document Type Definitions (DTDs) and schemas--within a software infrastructure platform. With the addition of Analyst, the data in documents and forms from external systems can be shared by all applications linked to WebLogic Integration, according to Contivo officials in Mountain View, Calif.

Contivos Enterprise Integration Modeling [EIM] offering is composed of Analyst, as well as the Contivo EIM Server that provides a centrally managed repository. The EIM software analyzes and models the relationships between applications and configures integration run time code.

BEA is a corporate investor in Contivo.

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