DeepWell, Bit Refinery Partner of Data Center Expansion

The move expands DeepWell’s existing data center locations in Denver, Seattle and Nuremberg, Germany.

Cloud-based storage services specialist DeepWell Archival Services, which specializes in the long-term Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS) neutral archival of medical image data, announced it will be expanding its long term archive services to strategic partner Bit Refinery’s New York data center.

"We are extremely pleased with the opportunity to expand our partnership with Bit Refinery for our data center and network infrastructure," Brian Sobnosky, the company’s CEO, said in a statement. "The relationship with Bit Refinery gives DeepWell a strategic advantage over the competition with our cloud-based PACS Neutral Archive and disaster recovery services offerings."

The move expands DeepWell’s existing data center locations in Denver, Seattle and Nuremberg, Germany. DeepWell is a privately held technology development and integration company, and North American licensee for German-based Telepaxx Medical Archiving.

"Our pledge to our clients is to provide long-term data preservation, archival, disaster recovery and business continuance contingencies for their electronic imaging data over lengthy retention periods, at affordable price points," Sobnosky said. "A rock-solid foundation with a cost effective, redundant, high performance infrastructure is a prerequisite to everything we do. Bit Refinery provides that foundation."

Specializing in vendor-neutral archive (also known as PACS-neutral archive) solutions, and utilizing software and technology responsible for the safe, secure archival of more than 1.6 billion medical images worldwide, DeepWell provides cloud-based storage-as-a-service product offerings for medical imaging professionals and organizations.

"We are looking forward to working with the DeepWell team as they continue to grow their cloud-based storage and disaster recovery services offerings in the United States, as well as in Central and South America, using our robust data center and network infrastructure," Brandon Hieb, managing partner at Bit Refinery, said in a statement.

Bit Refinery is a VMware-based cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider headquartered in Denver and offers scalable infrastructure with near real-time replication, disaster recovery and businesses continuity services, and operational efficiencies.

Featuring VMware virtualization technology hosted within its redundant infrastructure, organizations of various sizes can benefit from outsourcing infrastructure to the Bit Refinery cloud while maintaining control of their environment.

"The combined Bit Refinery/DeepWell solution provides end users with superior PACS Neutral Archive and disaster recovery technology at extremely disruptive price points," Hieb said. "The real winners are our clients in the diagnostic imaging space. They’re leaving the image data management business to us, so they can focus all of their efforts on the business of providing outstanding patient care."