Demo 2006 Products Unveiled

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Demo 2006 Products Unveiled

Krugle launched a search engine for developers to find open source code and technical information. Executives dubbed it the Google of source code.

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Demo 2006 Products Unveiled - newsgator

NewsGator Technologies will debut NewsGator Hosted Service, a hosted RSS aggregation service targetting content publishing organizations. NGHS is being used by publications including Newsweek and MacWorld.

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Demo 2006 Products Unveiled - Ugobe Pleo

Attendees took a liking to Ugobes robotic dinosaur, Pleo. Built by the same people who did Furby, Pleo is capable of responding to human interaction.

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Demo 2006 Products Unveiled - NetworkStreaming

NetworkStreaming enables IT managers to provide help desk support to remote users. The appliance-based solution will take-on hosted support products from Citrix and WebEx.

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Demo 2006 Products Unveiled - Sharpcast Photos

Sharpcasts Sharpcast Photos enables users to sync their photos regardless of what device their using. Once a photo is updated on the desktop, those changes are immediately made to the same photograph online and on wireless devices.

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