Dirig Agent Peps Up System Tools

Dirig Software Inc.'s newly re-branded and beefed-up Dirig 3.5 agent technology shows there's still room for improvement-not to mention cost savings-in the mature application and system tools market.

Dirig Software Inc.s newly re-branded and beefed-up Dirig 3.5 agent technology shows theres still room for improvement—not to mention cost savings—in the mature application and system tools market.

The upstart Dirig, which won eWeeks eXcellence Award in the Networking and Management Tools category, has added S-HTTP (Secure HTTP) to its communication repertoire. The product, which has been called RelyEnt, ExPress and Fenway in its past lives, previously was limited to SNMP communication across firewalls, which required that additional ports be opened in the firewall to manage far-flung applications, databases and servers. (Go to www.eweek.com/links for eWeek eXcellence Awards coverage.)

In eWeek Labs tests, we easily configured the Dirig 3.5 agent to use S-HTTP to communicate securely with a Sun Microsystems Inc. 280R server that was protected behind a firewall in the test network. This should make Version 3.5 of the Dirig agent and management console much more appealing to security-conscious operations.

Dirig has a footprint thats not overly large, at 5MB, and is unified. This meant that during tests, we simply installed one piece on any Unix, Windows or Linux system and then used software keys purchased from Dirig to turn on system and application management components. This is a good way to simplify product distribution and should reduce the bookkeeping headaches sometimes associated with installing agents across the enterprise. Dirig is very favorably priced at $450 with extensions ranging from $900 to $4,500.