Documentum Automates Records Management

Documentum announced the first release of its records management software since it bought TrueArc last November.

Documentum Inc. on Tuesday announced the first release of its records management software product since it bought TrueArc Corp. last November.

The new product, Documentum Enterprise Records Management Edition, automates the records management process, handling records such as incoming and outgoing e-mail and attachments, documents, Web content, graphics, video and physical records—from creation through archiving or destruction.

This new release offers automatic records classification capabilities, tagging records with descriptive properties to improve archive accuracy and search and retrieval speed.

Other features include multi-level security to prevent unauthorized access to archived records and automated monitoring of records and e-mail, including flagging of questionable content and notification of potential issues requiring additional review.

In similar news this week, Surety Inc. announced Monday its AbsoluteProof data integrity service with expanded capabilities for extending the validity of digital signatures and ensuring the integrity of Adobe PDF files.

The AbsoluteProof service, powered by Suretys Digital Notary Engine, is used to provide evidence of the existence of any type of electronic record at a fixed point in time, without using private keys or certificates. The patented process creates a unique digital "fingerprint" for any electronic record, including transcripts, e-mail, spreadsheets, PDF and XML files. Once notarized, any tampering of the record is easily detected, Surety officials in Herndon, Va. said.

In addition to the PDF integrity, AbsoluteProof also includes support for validation of digital signatures even after their certificates have been expired or revoked, https support for use behind corporate firewalls, and a Java SDK.

Also on Monday, Merant Corp. announced that it was focusing its Dimensions product for software code change management on the life sciences industry, helping pharmaceutical and health care companies to comply with increasing government regulations.

Dimensions provides process control, versioning, baseline management, issue management, release management, build management and workflow management.

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