Eclipse Picking Up Steam, Study Says

On average the use of Eclipse grew more than 75 percent across North America; Asia Pacific; and Europe, Middle East and Africa, according to an Evans Data survey.

The Eclipse open-source development platform continues to pick up support, so says a recent market research study.

According to Evans Data Corp., the Eclipse open-source Java integrated development environment has seen solid growth in several geographic markets, including North America; Asia Pacific (APAC); and Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Results of an Evans Data survey show that over the last year, use of the Eclipse IDE as a primary development environment grew 90 percent in North America, 70 percent in the Asia Pacific region and 60 percent in EMEA. Overall, on average the use of Eclipse grew more than 75 percent across the three regions.

IBM officially spun the Eclipse effort out as an independent entity last February, with the formation of the Eclipse Foundation. The foundation has more than 50 member companies.

"Eclipse looks like it may become a true open source killer app," said Albion Butters, an Evans Data analyst, in a statement. "Among the top three Java IDEs, Eclipse is the only one gaining market share in EMEA, APAC and North America." Butters said developers appear to be taking to Eclipse like they took to the open-source MySQL database.

According to Evans Data, the top three Java IDEs in EMEA are Borland Software Corp.s JBuilder, Eclipse and the Core Java SDK (Software Development Kit).

In addition to the Eclipse findings, Evans Datas survey found that more users are using Microsoft Corp.s Windows XP. XP use grew to 33 percent from 28 percent last year, while the use of Windows 2000 dropped from 44 percent last year to 31 percent for the latest survey. Meanwhile, 43 percent of respondents said by next year they will develop applications on Windows XP, versus 15 percent on Windows 2000.

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