eWEEK Daily News Podcast, July 21, 2006

Click here to download eWEEKs Daily News Podcast for July 21. In this eWEEK Daily News Podcast: New PowerPoint exploits open backdoors, create links to unknown servers in China; Trojans presage more focused, multipart attacks on specific corporate targets; Apple posted its second-best quarterly profit ever; Microsoft posts lower earnings, with brighter expectations; culture gap between geeks and business wonks remains, and may grow wider. For more on these and other eWEEK stories, click below:
  • PowerPoint Zero-Day Attack Points to Corporate Espionage
  • Microsoft Tops Profit Forecast, Sets Share Buyback
  • Analysts: Coupling of Mac and Intel Pays Off
  • Spyware Fades to a Dull Roar, But Targeted Attacks Loom
  • Geeks Versus Suits: The Great Boardroom Schism