eWEEK Labs Analysts Pick Years Top Products

Labs analysts pick the most compelling products they've evaluated this year.

Samba 3.0
Version 3.0 of open-source Samba does a better job than ever of providing users with a replacement for Windows for file and print services—both as software that companies install and configure themselves and as a component that functions behind the scenes in products such as Mac OS X.—Jason Brooks


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Sitescape Enterprise Forum 7.0
Business process integration is a big hurdle when it comes to Web-based collaborative work spaces. SiteScape Enterprise Forum 7.0 clears it by providing modules for human resources, proposal, program and business partner management that are well-integrated into the core work-space application.—Michael Caton


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IBM Active Protection System Drives
Drives armed with Big Blues Active Protection System have motion sensors that continuously monitor a laptop for movement that could damage the hard drive. This saves not only data but also money.—Anne Chen


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