eWEEK Labs' Top Products of 2006

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eWEEK Labs' Top Products of 2006

The ThinkPad X60 Tablet wasn't just the best tablet, but the best laptop we tested and reviewed in 2006. It'd been a year since we had seen a new tablet from Lenovo, but it was well worth the wait. With Intel's Core Duo processors, EvDO wireless br

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eWEEK Labs' Top Products of 2006 - Splunk

Splunk's software tool securely indexes and manages log and IT data and makes real-time troubleshooting possible without a forklift upgrade of existing network and system management tools. The broad integration of Splunk with existing tools along w

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eWEEK Labs' Top Products of 2006 - Riverbed Steelhead 1020 and 2020

Riverbed's Steelhead appliances accelerate WAN performance with caching, compression, protocol optimization and quality of service technologies. In addition to speeding up application performance for a growing mobile work force, Steelhead appliance

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eWEEK Labs' Top Products of 2006 - VMware Server 1.0

Its tough to find much to dislike about VMwares eponymous server virtualization product. VMware Server 1.0 makes it very easy to turn a single physical machine into several virtual ones, capable of running pretty much any x86-based operating syst

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eWEEK Labs' Top Products of 2006 - Asterisk 1.2.1

As the best-known and most popular—but not the only—open-source telephony platform out there, Asterisk gets the nod for a 2006 product of the year.Numerous vendors now offer IP PBX appliances based on Asterisk, particularly enticin

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eWEEK Labs' Top Products of 2006 - Opera 9

It has a market share that is dwarfed by the No. 2 Web browser Firefox and is a minuscule spec compared with market leader Internet Explorer. The average Internet user has probably never even heard of it, never mind used it. But when it comes to st

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eWEEK Labs' Top Products of 2006 - Smart BPM 5.1

Pegasystems' SmartBPM 5.1 provides companies with a strong tool set for building human and automated process workflows. SmartBPM supports an almost entirely Internet Explorer-based application development environment. In eWEEK Labs evaluation of S

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eWEEK Labs' Top Products of 2006 - Intel-based Macs

Welcome to a new world. For everyone who's ever mouthed a platitude about the tyranny of the installed base, Apple's performance this year—the second time that the company has changed its processor platform, in both cases with nearly no impact

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