eWEEK Labs Walk-through: LinkedIn Application Platform

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eWEEK Labs Walk-through: LinkedIn Application Platform

eWEEK Labs Walk-through: LinkedIn Application Platformby eWEEK Labs

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A Modest Assortment

When we checked out LinkedIn Applications, the number of available apps sat at only nine—few enough for every app to be "Featured."

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The Events application is one of LinkedIn's more interesting offerings. Through our LinkedIn connections, we could find events that we might not otherwise have known about.

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Be There or Be Square

We could signal our plans to attend an event or express our interest.

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Check It Out

Certainly, Andrew Garcia would want to know about this Fiber-to-the-Home Council Members' Meeting. We'll shoot him a note about it.

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Add an Event

You can add events by filling out a form, but there doesn't appear to be a way to sync with an existing calendar source.

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Remind You of Anything?

The app-adding screen at LinkedIn, shown here with SixApart's BlogLink tool, is very similar to Facebook's app-adding dialog.

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BlogLink Needs Work

The BlogLink app promises to hook you up with posts from your connections, but we found that the app unhelpfully attributed every post associated with a connection's current or previous employer to that connection. Much repetition ensues.

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Box.net Integration

It's not clear to us why one would wish to access remote storage through their LinkedIn profile page, but there's a Box.net app to help you do this.

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Smell the 2.0

We uploaded a text file to Box.net through LinkedIn, and we were offered the option of editing that file over at Zoho.

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Zoho, Unsubscribed

It wasn't necessary for us to sign in to Zoho in order to edit the file we'd uploaded.

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iPaper, Anyone?

If the Zoho integration wasn't enough, we could hit up another Web 2.0 service, iPaper, to view our file.

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More Slide Decks, Please

Who among us hasn't wished they could host a slide deck from their LinkedIn page? Now there are two options for this, Google Presentations and SlideShare.

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Huddle Up

Huddle.net's collaborative workspace service is now linked in to LinkedIn. What stood out for us in the implementation of this app is that it built us a workspace without asking us first to sign up for Huddle.net—thereby making good on its ad hoc image.