eWeek Newsbreak, Nov. 10, 2008

The recent Web 2.0 summit was more like a boxing match, as CEO's and Presidents made jabs at their competition. Microsoft is planning a quiet patch Tuesday, only announcing 2 security bulletins. This month ties with January for the smallest Patch Tuesday release of 2008. However one of those bulletins is listed as critical. Ashley takes you through both. Advanced Micro Devices has a lot going on right now. Last week the chip maker announced that it will be cutting nearly 3% of its staff. However in the coming weeks, A.M.D. will release a new version of its Opteron server processor, code-named Shanghai. AMD has also joined forces with Red Hat who recently demonstrated new virtualization capabilities that will allow virtual machines to migrate between servers based on Intel processors and systems using AMD's quad-core Opteron processors. Lenovo is facing financial woes as the economy worsens. Additional competition from HP, Dell and Acer also had an impact on Lenovo's bottom line.