Facebook's Zuckerberg Tops List of Best Tech CEOs

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Mark Zuckerberg's Leadership Is Tops

The 28-year-old inventor and CEO of Facebook, the world's largest social networking site, scored a first-place finish with a 99 percent approval rating.

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SAP's Tag-Team Leadership Takes Second Place

Jim Hagemann Snabe and Bill McDermott, each appointed co-CEO of SAP in February 2010, also scored an approval rating of 99 percent.

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Cognizant Technology Solutions CEO Ranked Third

Frank D'Souza, who scored an approval rating of 96 percent, was part of the team that founded the company in 1994.

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Tucci Takes EMC to No. 4

Joe Tucci (with a 96 percent approval rating) has been EMC's president and CEO since January 2001 and chairman since January 2006. He joined the company in 2000 as president and chief operating officer.

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Qualcomm CEO Scores 95 Percent Approval Rating

Paul Jacobs is CEO of Qualcomm, which is among the top makers of ARM-based chips for popular mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.Photo credit: World Economic Forum

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Search Giant Google Is in Good Hands

Larry Page, who scored a 95 percent approval rating, co-founded search engine giant Google with Sergey Brin.Photo credit: Marcin Mycielski, European Parliament

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Citrix Steward Scores a 95 Percent Approval Rating

Mark Templeton is the CEO of Citrix Systems, which offers server and desktop virtualization technology, networking offerings, software as a service (SaaS) solutions and cloud computing capabilities. Templeton had an approval rating of 95 percent.

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Salesforce CEO Benioff Among Top Tech CEOs

The founder and CEO of Salesforce, Marc Benioff is best known for its CRM product. He scored a 94 percent approval rating.

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ADP CEO Gets a 94 Percent Approval Rating

With a 94 percent approval rating, Carlos Rodriquez is the CEO of Automatic Data Processing, which makes business outsourcing solutions.

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Nvidia Co-Founder Huang Rounds Out the Top 10

Jen-Hsun Huang, Nvidia's co-founder, president and CEO, rounded out the top 10 tech company CEOs list with a 94 percent approval rating.Photo credit: Rico Shen

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