Facebook, Twitter Security Tips: Dont Fall Victim to Identity Thieves

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Facebook, Twitter Security Tips: Dont Fall Victim to Identity Thieves

by Brian Prince

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Anybody Home?

According to experts, users should be careful about posting messages indicating exactly when they will be on vacation, as that could potentially provide burglars an idea of when they should strike.

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Your Mama

Certain information is commonly used as a challenge for authentication purposes, such as your mother's maiden name. That should be left off your profile. Likewise, users should be cautious about publicizing the names of pets, some say.

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Birthday Special

Be careful of putting your full birthday on your profile. This is information that could be used for identity theft purposes.

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Home Address

You're friends probably know where you live; those who don't can be told in a private message or a simple phone call. No need to post your exact address on there.

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Your Last Confession

In an age where employers are increasingly tech savvy, it may not be the best idea to have certain information about any risqu??« recreational activities in the public domain.

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Privacy Settings

Your privacy settings are your first wall of defense when it comes to securing your information. Make sure that any information you have set to "public" on Facebook, for example, is information you wouldn't mind your boss potentially knowing.

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Guarding the Gate

Account security is important for obvious reasons, and while a password should be memorable, it should not be too guessable for anyone who knows you. Facebook has a gauge to help users determine the strength of their password. Pay attention to it.

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