Fiorano, GT Software Team for SOA-Mainframe Support

The deal will help users of Fiorano's SOA 2007 software integrate with mainframe systems.

Fiorano Software is teaming up with GT Software to help allow easier integration of SOA products with mainframe systems.

The July 3 agreement means that GT Software engineers will now begin working to help integrate mainframe assets for users of Fioranos SOA 2007, a platform that offers technology for rapid deployment of SOA (service-oriented architecture) solutions.

Fiorano, in Los Gatos, Calif., makes business process integration and messaging technology products that provide end-to-end service monitoring for customers who use its ESB (enterprise service bus) to provide SOA-based solutions.

GT Software, of Atlanta, is best known for its Ivory Service Architecture, a set of development tools that enable companies to use existing mainframe hardware, applications, data and skills to increase mainframe-based business services through SOA.

The GT Software tools allow mainframe developers to graphically orchestrate mainframe transactions, applications, data and Web services into multistep, multioperation business services, according to the company.

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The Ivory Service Architect consists of two main components, the Ivory Studio and Ivory Server. Ivory Studio features a graphical IDE (integrated development environment). Ivory Server consists of a SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) processor, a business service flow processor and a central repository for WSDL (Web Services Description Language) discovery.

The new agreement, according to both companies, will allow for simplified SOA-based integration in complex environments. It will also help developers create services and integrate mainframe data of all types into the Fiorano SOA 2007 platform.

The deal also calls for sales and integration of GT Softwares Ivory products with the Fiorano SOA 2007 platform, according to the companies.

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"The partnership with GT software allows mainframe applications to participate as first-class citizens in heterogeneous SOA business processes for the first time," Atul Saini, CEO of Fiorano, said in a statement.

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