FitLinxx Adds Mobile Features to Activity Tracker

The Pebble+’s intelligent algorithms are upgradeable, allowing for new and updated features to be added to the device.

health and fitness technology

Enterprise-focused health and wellness technology provider FitLinxx announced its Pebble+ activity tracker now offers the capability of offloading exercise and activity information to Apple iOS7 mobile devices, with Google Android devices to follow.

The Pebble+ wearable tracks steps, distance, calories and time and runs on a replaceable battery that lasts up to one year. The device is waterproof and it can be worn on a shoe, belt, waistband, in a pocket or bra.

Fitlinxx said it would deliver the Pebble+ to its partners in July, with support for iOS available immediately and Android support becoming available later in 2014.

The Pebble+ utilizes a 3-axis accelerometer and technology to measure patterns of motion, producing a unique waveform signature, and automatically detects and tracks multiple activity types, such as walking, running, indoor biking and elliptical, as well as all-day activity.

The device uses this signature in a series of intelligent algorithms that dynamically adjust based on the type of motion detected, determining total steps, activity time and the individual’s speed, which is used to calculate distance and caloric burn.

The Pebble+’s intelligent algorithms are upgradeable, allowing for new and updated features to be added to the device.

In addition, frequent data offloads to mobile devices enable consumers, patients and employees to receive feedback more quickly within health, wellness and fitness mobile applications.

FitLinxx SyncPoints automatically transmit data from FitLinxx devices such as the Pebble+ activity tracker, ActiScale, and ActiPressure. Users just walk by a SyncPoint to securely transfer the data.

The Personal SyncPoint is small, wireless device that plugs into a USB port and receives data from devices up to 50 feet away, while an on-device display indicates connection status.

The device requires an Internet connection and a small software application to function, the company noted.

"FitLinxx has always offered the best, most affordable and accurate activity tracking technology that supports long-term engagement within our partners’ health, wellness and fitness applications," Dave Monahan, president and CEO of FitLinxx, said in a statement. "To that, we now add the convenience of mobile offload and extended battery life. This capability will further support our focus on providing the best user experience possible within our partners’ programs."

Earlier this year, the company announced its activity tracking devices had now clocked more than 100 billion steps--equivalent to walking to the moon more than 250 times and enough for individuals to burn six billion calories, which translates roughly to losing a collective 1.7 million pounds.