Gartner's Top 10 IoT Technologies and Trends Through 2023

Today’s topics include Gartner releasing its list of the top 10 strategic IoT technologies and trends through 2023, and VMware acquiring Kubernetes-based startup Heptio.

At its symposium and IT expo Nov. 7 in Barcelona, researcher and market analyst Gartner announced what it sees as the most important strategic internet of things technology trends that will drive digital business innovation from now through 2023.

These 10 most strategic IoT technologies and trends are artificial intelligence; social, legal and ethical IoT; infonomics and data brokering; the shift from intelligent edge to intelligent mesh; governance; sensor innovation; trusted hardware and operating systems; novel IoT user experiences; silicon chip innovation; and new wireless technologies for IoT.

According to Gartner Research Vice President Nick Jones, CIOs must obtain the necessary skills and partners to support these key emerging IoT trends and technologies because by 2023 most CIO will be responsible for more than three times as many endpoints as they are this year.

On Nov. 6, VMware announced that it is acquiring privately held Kubernetes startup Heptio, whose product portfolio includes its distribution of Kubernetes, as well as multiple open-source projects including the Ksonnet configuration, Ark disaster recovery and Sonobuoy diagnostics projects.

This acquisition comes a week after IBM announced its massive $34 billion deal for Red Hat, and the primary motivation is similar—namely, to get a leg up in the Kubernetes space to enable the next generation of the cloud.

According to Craig McLuckie, one of Kubernetes’ co-founders who also launched Heptio, "Our mission has been to make an upstream open rendition of Kubernetes ubiquitously available in a multicloud world. … Obviously, the set of resources that we can bring to bear as a 2-year-old startup is at a certain level, whereas when you look at an organization like VMware, they have led the enterprise through disruptive transformation."