Gartner Unveils Top 10 Infrastructure and Operations Trends in 2019

Today’s topics include Gartner identifying the top 10 trends for infrastructure and operations in 2019, and Microsoft and Docker announcing the Cloud Native Application Bundles spec.

Gartner analysts on Dec. 4 at the Gartner IT Infrastructure, Operations, and Cloud Strategies Conference in Las Vegas highlighted the top 10 key technologies and trends for which IT infrastructure and operations decision-makers must prepare in order to fully support new-gen digital infrastructure in 2019.

According to Gartner Senior Director and Analyst Ross Winser, “The question is already becoming: ‘How can we use capabilities like artificial intelligence, network automation or edge computing to support rapidly growing infrastructures and accomplish business needs?’”

Winser’s top 10 key technologies and trends include serverless computing, AI, network agility (or lack thereof), the death of the data center, edge computing, digital diversity management, new roles within infrastructure and operations, software-as-a-service denial, talent management, and global infrastructure enablement.

Microsoft and Docker Inc. jointly announced a new specification effort at DockerCon Europe 2018 in Barcelona on Dec. 5 called Cloud Native Application Bundles, which looks to make it easier for developers and organizations to deploy complete applications with a simplified packaging system.

According to Microsoft and Docker, the goal of the specification is to facilitate the bundling, installing and managing of container native apps and their coupled services. CNAB aims to answer a different challenge than existing packaging systems.

Scott Johnston, chief product officer at Docker, explained that today Docker sees organizations copying and pasting Docker Compose files to get applications bundled, and with Compose, organizations are often hard-wiring the resources required for a particular environment.

With CNAB, that complexity can be removed, providing an operator with a single application bundle that can be used for multiple scenarios.