Geekspeak: March 12, 2001

Latest beta of Opera hits a high note

Opera 3.62 for Epoc was already the best web browser available on a handheld platform by far, and with last months release of the first beta of Opera 5.02 for Epoc, the speedy Norse Web marauder has gotten better.

New in this version is support for multiple windows; CSS, Level 2; and JavaScript 1.3 extensions, as well as various speed and usability enhancements.

Opera 5.02 for Epoc works with handheld devices that run Symbians Epoc Release 5, which include Psions Series 5mx, Revo, Series 7 and netBook. It also works with the Ericsson MC218 and the Diamond Mako.

Swing by for more information about the browser or to download the beta from Opera Software, in Oslo, Norway. The shipping version is expected to cost $39.