Google Chrome Is a 2.0 Release in Name Only

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Google Chrome Is a 2.0 Release in Name Only

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Remove Site Thumbnails

With Google Chrome 2.0, it is now possible to remove the site thumbnails shown when a new tab is launched in the browser.

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Full-Screen ModeThe full-screen mode in Chrome 2.0 removes all traces of the browser interface, reducing navigation to keystrokes or right-mouse menus.

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Auto-Fill Options

As other browsers have had for years now, Google Chrome 2.0 provides auto-fill options for filling out online forms.

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Excellent Standards Support

With 2.0, Chrome (which is based on the Webkit browser engine) continues its excellent performance in Web standards tests, getting a near perfect score in the Acid3 test.

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Speedy Performer

One of the biggest claims to fame that Google Chrome 2.0 has is its strong performance in browser speed tests, especially in JavaScript performance.