Groove Tunes Project Management

Groove Workspace Project Edition combines project management and collaboration capabilities.

Groove Networks Inc. has partnered with TeamDirection Inc. to release a tool to aid in managing projects that involve teams from multiple companies. The two companies on Tuesday released Groove Workspace Project Edition, a new version of Grooves desktop collaboration software that adds TeamDirections Project and Dashboard software.

The tool combines the capabilities of traditional project management tools—task and resource management and the recording of project milestones—with communication and collaboration tools, such as e-mail and Web conferencing. Groove Workspace Project Edition combines not only these capabilities but, because it is integrated onto the desktop, lets users tap into existing desktop productivity tools like word processors and spreadsheets, according to officials at Groove, of Beverley, Mass., and TeamDirection, of Bellevue, Wash.

Like Grooves existing Workspace software, the new version lets project managers create a project workspace, add data manually or pre-populate the workspace with an existing project template. It integrates with Microsoft Corp.s Microsoft Project.

Workspace Project Edition lets team members invite new participants to the workspace via e-mail or instant messaging. When they are authorized, the new team members receive a shared, synchronized copy of the tools and project data.

Groove Workspace Project Edition is available now priced at $199 per user.