Has the Bounce Gone Out of the Net?

Although some dot-coms are deflating daily, one site is still ready to set, serve and score.

Desperate dot-coms, take heart. Theres still plenty of hope youll get funded, as long as presumably smart investors are pumping another $13 million into justballs.com.

Nobody has more balls—base-, basket-, billiard, boccie balls—you name it.

They even have official sepak takraw balls; heck, they have the rules for this 500-year-old Southeast Asian game. They have balls for your pets and balls for your kids. They can engrave names on your balls—the perfect gift for your sports-loving clients.

They also have the bucks, with the personal financial backing of David Wetherell, CEO, chairman and president of CMGI, and Lycos CEO and president Bob Davis. VC firms Blue Rock Capital, Jafco America Ventures and Bantry Bay also are investors.

They have Jim Medalia as president and founder. He also founded DX.COM, one of the first Web design firms, in 1993. They have former Universal Studios Consumer Products Group president Jim Klein as CEO. Previously, he held senior positions at Applause Inc., Fingerhut, wristwatch marketer SMH and Avon Products.

The only thing they dont have is published revenues. But theyve got the bounce, and these days, thats what counts.