HealthSpot, Rite Aid Announce Plans to Pilot HealthSpot Stations

HealthSpot stations offer access to medical care from certified medical providers using videoconferencing and interactive medical devices.

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Pharmacy chain store Rite Aid announced it has entered into an agreement with HealthSpot, a provider of patient- and provider-driven health care technology, to provide health care services through private, walk-in HealthSpot stations inside select Rite Aid locations.

Rite Aid will pilot the HealthSpot stations in the greater Akron/Canton, Cleveland and Dayton/Springfield markets in Ohio.

HealthSpot stations offer customers access to medical care from board-certified medical providers using high-definition videoconferencing and interactive medical devices.

Using the HealthSpot station, customers can be treated for minor and common health conditions, including cold and flu, rashes and skin conditions, eye conditions, ear aches and seasonal allergies.

"This is a groundbreaking telehealth solution that delivers the high-quality, patient-centered care with an end-to-end system for managing claims, records management and adherence for health insurer access," Steve Cashman, CEO of HealthSpot, told eWEEK. "What HealthSpot has created is unprecedented access to care that is critical to success in today’s health care marketplace." Cashman said this network of providers enables clinicians to extend their reach into local communities and serve more patients with expanded hours through HealthSpot stations, and most insurance plans will be accepted."

As a community pharmacy, Rite Aid is one of the most accessible health care providers, and year after year, pharmacists are ranked as one of the most trusted professionals, only second to nurses," Cashman said. "We believe that telehealth will play a critical role in how health care will be delivered in the future."

Visitors to the HealthSpot station will be able to connect with a network of board-certified medical professionals such as Cleveland Clinic and other major health systems across Ohio through the HealthSpot Network.

"The partnership is compelling--new services available in-store, a new venue for health care services, and for everyone, health care services delivered more timely, conveniently and cost-effectively than ever before," Cashman said.

Over the years, HealthSpot has built a health care delivery platform that combines cloud-based software with the HealthSpot station, digital medical devices and mobile applications.

On the security front, HealthSpot stations are HIPAA compliant, and all patient information is private and encrypted, and stored in a secure offsite Tier 3 data center.

In addition, identifiable patient data is never stored onsite in a HealthSpot station or attendant laptop, and there is no personal health information (PHI) stored at rest in, or at, a HealthSpot station.

"The video stream is embedded into the conference to help ensure patient information remains confidential. Patient information—including images—are also transmitted as encrypted," Cashman said. "The kiosk itself is also physically secure. Patients can lock the door for privacy, with the ability to summon the medical attendant for assistance if needed."