Highwire Converts Web Pages to PDFs

With Corda Technologies' Highwire, users can convert Web pages into PDFs on the fly.

While Web pages arguably have been one of the most successful forms of electronic content delivery ever, they have serious shortcomings. When it comes to areas like portability, printing and document integrity, Web pages come up well behind other formats such as Adobe Acrobats PDF.

For certain types of content, such as contracts, manuals and flyers, many businesses deploy the content twice: once as an easily accessed Web page and once as a more versatile PDF. But Corda Technologies new Highwire server makes it possible for these companies to deliver this content once as a Web page and convert it on the fly into a PDF document.

Using the server-based Highwire, which shipped last month, I was able to convert any Web page into a PDF file easily. In the simplest form, I simply added a link to the page within a Highwire server address, or I could embed script into a Web page to add a button that would trigger the PDF conversion. I also could add Highwire code directly to my application server and schedule batch conversions by configuring an XML file.

Highwire ranges in price from $6,495 to $15,990. For more information, go to www.corda.com.

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