Hot Certified, Noncertified IT Skills: What You Need Now

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Hot Certified, Noncertified IT Skills: What You Need Now

by Don E. Sears

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#10 Noncertified Skill<br />Python

Python is an open-source, object-oriented programming language and has gained steam over the years with the rise of Web applications. According to its authors, Python is "a flexible powerhouse that can handle practically any problem domain. Build your own Web server in three lines of code. Build flexible data-driven code using ... dynamic introspection capabilities and advanced language features."

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#9 Noncertified Skill<br />RFID/Wireless Sensors

With the rise of digital supply chains and wireless uses in the manufacturing sector, this mobile technology requires skills in everything from security to mobility technicians. Inventory tracking and investment in shipping technologies makes wireless RFID skills a specialization worthy of attention.

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#8 Noncertified Skill<br />SAN/Storage Administration

Storage area network administration in the data center is a key management skill in large scale storage of data warehousing, customer records management, legal compliance for HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley laws, research and development tracking and everything that needs to be digitally stored in an enterprise. As leaner and more efficient data centers thrive, SAN management is a crucial skill with long-term stability.

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#7 Noncertified Skill<br />SAP Web Application Server

It's not surprising to see SAP-based skills show up in the top 10 of a technology skills list as SAP technology continues its dominant run in the enterprise.

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#6 Noncertified Skill<br />Windows 7</b><br />The latest and greatest Microsoft Windows operating system is picking up migration steam in the enter...

s now and the next several years.

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#5 Noncertified Skill<br />Web 2.0: AJAX, Adobe Flex, Adobe Flash, Javascript, JSON

Web technologies continue to evolve as lighter weight, mobile and socially networked connectivity pushes business models beyond simple Website functionality. Future technologies must combine the powerful graphical elements of the Web with ease-of-use features for simple install and adoption by the masses.

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#4 Noncertified Skill<br />Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Planning

No enterprise can risk not having clear, audited business continuity and disaster recovery planning in place. There is too much at stake to risk revenue loss from lack of emergency failsafes, built-in redundancies and compliance with regulations.

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#3 Noncertified Skill<br />VPN

Securing internal data transmissions for a mobile work force requires virtual private networking skills from either qualified systems or network administrators or security specialists. VPNs are like rock 'n' roll: Here to stay.

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#2 Noncertified Skill<br />RAD/Extreme Programming/Agile Programming

It's not only about your skills at coding and specific languages anymore, it's the process for which you program and develop that has been shaken up by more flexible, time-to-market processes like agile and extreme programming. You have to know your sprints and scrum!

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#1 Noncertified Skill<br />SAP Basis Components

Again, SAP shows up with two spots on the noncertified hot list. SAP is a giant in enterprise software and skills are specialized enough to garner high salaries and contract rates. Do not underestimate the staying power of this German-makers software occupancy in global corporations and multinationals.

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#10 Certified Skill<br />Red Hat Certified Technician

Open-source and Linux technologies do not require specific vendor certification, but Red Hat proves that support models are desirable as adoption costs in open source have lower points of entry. Companies want proven credentials in open source, especially as cloud computing usage and adoption grows. Red Hat is giving the enterprise a vendor to embrace.

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#9 Certified Skill<br />Cisco Certified Internetwork Professional

Networking consistently shows up on lists from every staffing, research and forecasting firm. Cisco continues to be the dominant force in routing and switching, and with consistent acquisition of technologies to hang off the network, it will never hurt you to be certified in its technologies.

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#8 Certified Skill<br />Cisco Certified Network Professional

Mastering the network with Cisco can't hurt, either. Taking a step up the ladder of Cisco's technology stack with certification only reinforces skills to take a technician's career higher than installation and chaos management. With IT architects and systems engineer demand in high regard, these Cisco certifications are worth their weight in gold.

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#7 Certified Skill<br />Citrix Certified Enterprise Administrator

Through its acquisition strategy, Citrix is moving up the market with virtualization, and as a technology practice, virtualization is a hot commodity. Add a certification or two and you will have the right mix of skills and evidence for professional, forward-thinking data center management.

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#6 Certified Skill<br />GIAC Security Essentials Certification

The SANS Institute's Global Information Assurance Certification is an incredibly useful certification and opens up a world of opportunity as security skills continue to be the most stable area of IT for the last six years and will continue to be an important skill set with the rise of hacking, identity theft and customer data theft.

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#5 Certified Skill<br />VMware Certified Professional

VMware is the king of virtualization, so it only follows that this certification would be one of the most sought-after skills in the enterprise as data center consolidation and efficient infrastructure management continue to save companies money in power consumption and hardware expense.

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#4 Certified Skill<br />SAS Certified Advanced Programmer

Software development in business intelligence, business modeling and integration require skill sets in programming that begin at the globally recognized SAS base programming skills and move up the ladder with this advanced programming credential. Developers seeking to advance their careers should not ignore this certification.

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#3 Certified Skill<br />CompTIA Security+

Another vendor-neutral security certification from CompTIA teaches the essentials of the best security practices in the enterprise as demand for security skills at all levels of technology work steadily rises. This is an entry-level security certification that is widely recognized and would be an excellent certification for any technologist to acquire.

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#2 Certified Skill<br />Red Hat Certified Security Specialist

Open-source security has its own flavor with Red Hat as the company and market demand for a vendor who can support open technologies continues to grow outside a small subset of projects and companies. Cloud adoption is expanding, and securing that cloud will be a key aspect of technology management.

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#1 Certified Skill<br />SAS Certified Base Programmer

You can't sit for the SAS Certified Advanced Programmer certification without this one first. The two certifications together make a mighty impression in the software development arena, and are worthy of serious consideration for anyone looking to be able to qualify skill sets quickly and accurately.

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