Hotmail Updates Include Facebook, Office Web Apps Integration

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Hotmail Updates Include Facebook, Office Web Apps Integration

by Nicholas Kolakowski

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One-Click Filters

Hotmails updates include one-click filters to show unread e-mails, for example, or ones from social networks such as Facebook. One of Microsofts goals with the "new" Hotmail was to find ways to eliminate dreaded inbox clutter.

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SkyDrive Links

Hotmail will link into Windows Live SkyDrive, allowing users to send—via a link—up to 200 photos of up to 50MB in size, for a total of 10GB in a single message.

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Office documents sent as an attachment can be opened and viewed in any browser—even if the PC doesnt have Office installed. This feature integrates Hotmail, SkyDrive and Office Web Apps.

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E-Mail Going Mobile

Hotmail supports push-email to mobile phones. Research In Motion, Nokia and other partners are apparently building custom Hotmail apps for their respective devices.

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Users can manage invitations sent through Hotmail via their smartphone calendar, through ActiveSync or the phone browser.

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Conversation View

With "Conversation View," Hotmail can consolidate extended e-mail conversations into a single space.

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The Inbox

The "new" Hotmail inbox.

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Viewing the Image

Image viewing through Hotmail.

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Consolidated Online Connections

Hotmail will incorporate the unified contacts list from Windows Live services—which includes contacts from Hotmail, Messenger and social-networking services such as Facebook—in order to consolidate online connections into a single space.

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Into the Cloud

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has emphasized the companys increased focus on the cloud. The evolution of services such as Hotmail can be seen as a reflection of that policy.

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