Houston (Overall Unemployment: 7.6 percent)

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Houston (Overall Unemployment: 7.6 percent)

Technology updates during the last three to five years have slowed due to the downturn in the economy, but as the economy gains footing, more companies are investing in their technology, therefore increasing demand for IT workers. Photo credit: Hequals2henry

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Toronto (Overall Unemployment: 8.5 percent)

Toronto is the fourth-largest IT market in North America, and there are a number of Fortune 500 companies headquartered in the city. Additionally, many have their Canadian presence in Toronto.Photo credit: Chensiyuan

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Orlando (Overall Unemployment: 9.7 percent)

Tech job opportunities in Orlando, Fla., are increasing due to the new Medical City project's adding 10,000 new jobs in Orlando (driving health care IT jobs) and the increasing networking needs of companies of all industries (driving telecommunications jobs).Photo credit: Bill Dickinson

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Slide 4: San Francisco (Overall Unemployment: 7.6 percent)

Quite a few new startups and venture-backed companies have offices in San Francisco; the result is high demand for full-time employees with strong technical backgrounds. This is creating higher demand and a lower supply of talent. Photo credit: Jesse Garcia

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Minneapolis (Overall Unemployment: 5.1 percent)

With the large number of companies that have corporate headquarters located downtown, IT professionals tend to flock to the Twin Cities' well-established tech market. In addition, many colleges and universities are located in and around the Twin Cities region, which provides for a bright workforce full of young, energetic professionals.Photo credit: PhotosByJeremiah

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McLean, Va. (Overall Unemployment: 5.5 percent)

McLean has a lot of startups and growing industries, resulting in an average unemployment rate that is well below the national average. The federal government and contractors continue to drive the need for more workers and open jobs. Photo credit: Patrickneil

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Walnut Creek, Calif. (Overall Unemployment: 7.6 percent)

Many traditional industries are looking for cost savings by using technology to be more efficient, and they need IT workers to build these technologies. This is creating a higher volume of job opportunities, as some data centers are located here as well.

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Detroit (Overall Unemployment: 10.7 percent)

The American auto industry is going through a rebirth based on innovative designs and a demand for higher quality, and the resurgence is leading to profitable times with the Big 3 automakers. This also means an increase in IT funding for many projects that were on hold through the downturn.Photo credit: Shawn Wilson

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Jacksonville, Fla. (Overall Unemployment: 9.5 percent)

A low cost of living, coupled with large companies that have invested in the growth of Jacksonville's economy by adding many IT jobs, have increased the demand for even more people with technology skills. Jacksonville employers have embraced cutting- and bleeding-edge technologies that help drive top IT talent.Photo credit: Jon Zander

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New York City (Overall Unemployment: 9 percent)

New York has made a large push to attract the tech companies of tomorrow. With that investment, New York has been ranked as a top destination for startups and recently was awarded the distinction as the Silicon Valley of the East. Photo credit: Shmuel Spiegelman

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Denver (Overall Unemployment: 7.9 percent)

Denver has a diverse economy with a mix of established and startup companies. It also has a low unemployment rate for IT workers and a strong midmarket sector. The report noted Denver has always been a city where people want to live, and as a result, it attracts talent from other markets. Photo credit: KenWalker

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Boston (Overall Unemployment: 5.7 percent)

The New England unemployment rate for IT professionals is lower than the national average as demand has grown steadily over the last half year and remains high at the beginning of 2012. Boston and the surrounding areas, including cities like Burlington, are a hot bed for startups and venture capitalist-funded firms.

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