How IT Can Safely and Profitably Befriend Web 2.0 at Work - Page 3

How to safely take advantage of Web 2.0

Rather than simply blocking employee access to entire Web sites, businesses need the right security solutions and policies in place to allow for flexible access to Web 2.0 sites and applications.

They need to do this while also being able to block only the malicious or inappropriate content on a particular page, and to stop confidential data from leaking out.

The first step begins with setting the right policies and providing employee education. IT should collaborate with other areas of the business, including the human resources and legal departments to document appropriate Internet usage policies-particularly with regards to Web 2.0 sites. Companies need to define business use and personal use of the Internet, and how to manage use of social networking sites where relationships may blur the line between professional and personal.

IT must educate employees that the reasons for the policies include protecting employees and the company from potential network security risks, loss of intellectual property, brand reputation management, and creating a safe work environment, among others. IT managers need to specifically delineate what types of corporate data can and cannot be shared on cloud computing sites, and use the same security model to assess cloud computing risks as they do for their enterprise software implementations.