IE 7 Vs. Firefox 2.0

It's the browser battle of the future: Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 vs. the Mozilla Foundation's Firefox 2.0.

Its the browser battle of the future: Microsofts Internet Explorer 7 vs. the Mozilla Foundations Firefox 2.0. Right now, however, its more like a kindergarten scuffle in the sandbox, as IE 7 is still being beta tested and Firefox 2.0 is in its first alpha stage.

The latest version of IE 7 Beta 2 boasts new tool bar elements, including a Page drop-down menu for saving and e-mailing a Web page, and RSS feed handling has been improved. With the refresh, eWEEK Labs could add most major search engines to our integrated search bar, and a new feature in this release let us restore our tabbed windows from a previous session.

As an alpha, Firefox 2.0 has even less to show in the way of changes. One of the most significant new features is a Places window for managing feeds, bookmarks and history.

The alpha also shows that Firefox has caught up to other tabbed browsers, finally adding the Close Tab button to the actual tabs as opposed to having it on the end of the tool bar. Many other such features, such as extension blacklisting, are planned but couldnt be tested in this release.