IGEL Ready Program Opens Edge OS for Unlimited Partner Integration

eWEEK NEWS ANALYSIS: When installed with IGEL OS, any x86-64 device—including Windows desktops, laptops, HP or Dell Wyse thin clients and MacBook devices—can connect to any cloud, including AWS, Azure, Citrix and VMware.


IGEL, which makes a Linux-based edge operating system for cloud workspaces, has launched IGEL Ready, a new program that opens up the company's core enterprise software for any technology partner to integrate and validate their products. 

Technologies from more than 90 companies are already integrated within IGEL's platform, including Microsoft, Citrix and Zoom, and that number is expected to double by 2021 with IGEL Ready. The program creates an ecosystem where customers can consider compatible devices and applications across a range of categories, deploy to their virtual desktop or cloud workspace and securely access any device equipped with IGEL software.

This is particularly timely for IT in general, the company said. Widespread cloud migration and a growing distributed workforce have transformed how enterprises manage and secure endpoints, fueling demand for virtual apps, desktops and cloud workspaces. In 2019, Microsoft invigorated the market with the long-awaited launch of Windows Virtual Desktop, which publicly embraced Linux at the endpoint.

These conditions are driving growth for IGEL, which recognized early on that its edge operating system and management tools could help businesses migrate to the cloud overnight. When installed with IGEL OS, any x86-64 device — including Windows desktops, laptops, HP or Dell Wyse thin clients and MacBook devices — can connect to any cloud, including AWS, Azure, Citrix and VMware. With IGEL, enterprises can easily repurpose existing hardware and manage thousands of endpoints from a single interface, all with the added security of a lightweight, read-only Linux OS.

"The timing is right for IGEL," CEO Jed Ayres said in a media advisory. "Over a decade ago, we saw an open opportunity in the market with the growth of the cloud and virtual desktops. We decided to shift focus and perfect our simple, yet powerful edge operating system. Today, we're entering a new era as we transition to an open platform that's primed for partner integration."

IGEL has emerged as a key OS provider on the edge. In 2018, the company crossed the $100 million revenue threshold.

With the IGEL Ready program, businesses can now tap IGEL's prolific partner network with even greater confidence to provide employees with the most essential tools and capabilities to do their jobs securely and effectively. In its 20-year history, IGEL has fostered relationships with some of the biggest names in hardware and software, including Amazon, AMD, Intel, VMware and Cisco. In 2019, IGEL was announced as the first Linux-based OS certified for Windows Virtual Desktop.

IGEL Ready is now accepting applications from any hardware, software or peripheral company interested in integrating and verifying their technology with IGEL. The company is already working with more than 150 partners to introduce them to the program, including Goliath Technologies, Lakeside Software, LG Business Solutions, Liquidware, Login VSI, PrinterLogic, Tehama, Atos, Cherry, ControlUp, deviceTRUST, Fluendo, Tricerat, SecMaker, OnLogic, Systec & Solutions GmbH, BUURST, Channel Mechanics, Veridium and EPOS.

After meeting specific hardware and software requirements to ensure compatibility, the applications will be featured on the customer-facing IGEL Ready Showcase under eight categories: 

  • Cloud Workspaces / VDI / DaaS
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Software and applications
  • Endpoints
  • Peripherals and others
  • Printers and scanners
  • Security
  • Analytics

By participating in the program, partners will be able to reach more than 3 million IGEL OS-powered endpoints, more than 17,000 IGEL customers and thousands of resellers. To learn more and start the application process, go here.

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