In Praise of Sysadmins: IT's Jacks-of-All-Trades

1 - In Praise of Sysadmins: IT's Jacks-of-All-Trades
2 - Turn It Off
3 - Take It Easy
4 - Long Hours?
5 - Be Invisible
6 - Keep It Simple
7 - Appreciation Day
8 - Trouble Tickets
9 - Consultants
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In Praise of Sysadmins: IT's Jacks-of-All-Trades

All too often, the work of system administrators gets overlooked. So one day a year, we celebrate their work.

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Turn It Off

As any sysadmin knows, rebooting a computer often clears simple problems.

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Take It Easy

It's a rare day that a sysadmin doesn't have to tackle a major problem. Here's hoping this is one of those days.

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Long Hours?

Sysadmins often have to put in long hours watching over their organizations' systems. Today is no different.

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Be Invisible

The best sysadmins are the ones whom nobody knows about because they keep things running smoothly.

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Keep It Simple

Don't upset the apple cart by introducing new, unwanted technology or practices.

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Appreciation Day

Although it's not often voiced, sysadmins gain the appreciation of their organizations every day.

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Trouble Tickets

That pile of trouble tickets never seems to disappear, but sysadmins do deserve some light workdays.

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Like many roles in IT, sysadmins resent having an outsider come in to look over their shoulders.

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