Infor Releases CloudSuite Healthcare on AWS

CloudSuite Healthcare provides care delivery organizations with capabilities including managing complex clinician pay plans.

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Business application software specialist Infor launched CloudSuite Healthcare, which includes health care-specific functionality, analytics and an implementation accelerator, and builds on Infor's offerings available on Amazon Web Services (AWS.

CloudSuite Healthcare provides care delivery organizations with capabilities, including managing complex clinician pay plans, tracking and validating clinical competencies and job-specific performance reviews, grants management, coordination of recalls, patient charge capture, care workloads and assignments, pre-built clinical system connections and patient-specific supply reordering among many others.

"It's all about economies of scale. Infor realized several years ago that running a data center wasn't its core competency; building and operating enterprise software was," Joel Rydbeck, health care industry strategy director for Infor, told eWEEK. "Health care organizations are designed to serve and help patients. Infor is designed to deliver enterprise health care solutions, and Amazon is designed to deliver high-performance, low-cost solutions."

Through a flexible, subscription-based delivery model and employee-based pricing, care delivery organizations can considerably lower up-front IT expenditures and total cost of ownership with CloudSuite Healthcare, Rydbeck said.

"Accessibility, ownership and the protection of data are critical to safely operate a hospital," he said. "Health care organizations want to ensure that their data is always secured and protected for their employees, patients and the enterprise."

BrightLine recently completed an audit of CloudSuite Healthcare to ensure it complies with essential elements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, Rydbeck explained.

The solution also enables care delivery organizations to take on innovation at their own pace, upgrading at a rate that accommodates their timing and business needs with functionality engineered particularly for health care.

The company also offers a path to the cloud for its health care customer base, which includes more than 1,200 organizations using Infor Lawson for financial management, supply chain management, human resource management, payroll and talent management.

The UpgradeX Program is a path for upgrading or migrating Lawson solutions to the cloud and to take advantage of all the functional enhancements in Lawson 10x along with analytics, mobile and collaboration technologies.

Customers receive a new version of the Lawson solution running on AWS, plus all the services required for a migration or upgrade, including software, hardware, OS licenses, IT operations and yearly upgrades executed by Infor.

Rydbeck said cost and focus on delivery of care will ultimately drive health care organizations to the cloud, and health care providers must lower their cost structure over the next several years.

"Even over the past 18 months, Infor has seen a significant shift from on-premise to cloud-based solutions," he said. "For example, Infor recently met with a health care provider whose IT department was just told they needed to shave $250 million off their budget in the next several years—and moving operations to the cloud can help do that."