Innovation: 5 Tech CIOs Speak Out

In what ways are today's innovative CIOs exploiting today's emerging information technologies?

Over the next few years, CIOs say they will focus more than ever on helping set corporate strategy and developing innovative information technologies that will enable their companies to achieve strategic business goals.

To answer those questions, the editors of Ziff Davis Medias Enterprise Group—Baseline, CIO Insight and eWeek—talked with the CIOs who should have the best handle on new information technology tools: the CIOs at leading technology vendors.

BEAs Jim Haar: Using SOA to overhaul business processes.

CAs Dave Hansen: Focusing on employee development.

Red Hats Lee Congdon: Aiming for a world-class, open-source enterprise.

Sun Microsystems Robert Worrall: Pushing a new model for I.T. organizations.

Symanetcs David Thompson: Taking a risk-based approach to I.T.