Inside the Mind of Alan Greenspan

How does Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan decide to raise rates a quarter point? By analyzing a potent mixture of raw pecuniary data and computerized economic intelligence against first-hand reports from key hubs of U.S. financial activity and five

Alan Greenspan is one of the most respected and least understood figures of the modern American economy.

For almost two decades hes ridden herd on one of the most innovative, dynamic economies in the world and, by tinkering with its underpinnings, has done more than any recent Fed chairman to keep it not only afloat, but relatively stable.

Hes done it with an economic mind few can match; but his research methods and staff are another thing altogether.

His resources are a lot deeper than those of most corporate officers, who are also forced to evaluate the economy and make expensive bets on which way its going to go.

But any company with enough determination and intelligence to build the appropriate tools could learn some lessons from the structure of Greenspans research staff and tools, the process of analysis, and the rigor of his approach.

Below is a guide to Baseline magazines analysis of all those things and how corporate IT can benefit from it. Pick your own starting point. Youre sure to find something useful in each section.

Story Guide:

  • How Do You Get To Be a Guru?
  • Finding the Right Questions to Ask
  • Good Data + Good Technology = Good Analysis