Java or Java Developer or J2EE

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Java or Java Developer or J2EE

This one seems fairly straightforward. Java remains one of the most influential programming languages, more than 15 years after James Gosling developed it.??í

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.NET or .NET Developer

A software framework developed by Microsoft for Windows, which in turn supports a variety of programming languages.

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Business Analyst

Given the economic environment, a business analyst is a useful addition to any company looking to see which way the market winds are blowing.

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Sharepoint or Sharepoint Developer

A Microsoft-developed Web application platform for document management, portals and collaboration. It is included in Microsofts newly released, cloud-based Office 365.

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Project Manager

All projects need management, right? Often, a good manager means the difference between vaporware and a product that arrives on time.

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Oracle DBA

Given Oracles presence within business, its unsurprising that theres a need for Oracle DBAs (database administrators) who know the ins and outs of the companys product workings. Oracle DBAs handle things like installing and upgrading the Oracle server, and optimizing database performance.

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C# is a programming language originally developed by Microsoft to build enterprise applications within the .NET Framework.

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QA or Quality Assurance

Who doesnt love quality?

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The iRise platform offers developers a working preview of an application before they devote the resources to actual coding.

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A general-purpose scripting language for Web development.

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