JBoss Group Expands Into Europe

Open-source app server maker says expansion into Europe was fueled by the emerging demand for open-source technology in Europe.

JBoss Group LLC, maker of a popular open-source application server, Monday announced its expansion into Europe, with European headquarters in Switzerland.

Atlanta-based JBoss said its expansion into Europe was fueled by the emerging demand for open-source technology in Europe, particularly in European governments and educational facilities, as well as corporations.

Known as JBoss Group Europe, the European division of the company is headquartered in Neuchatel, Switzerland, and is headed by Sacha Labourey, who holds the title of European general manager for the company. JBoss said the company has development centers in the U.K., France, Finland, Germany and the Ukraine.

Meanwhile, JBoss also officially announced its membership in the Java Community Process (JCP) Monday. The JCP is the organization, headed by Sun Microsystems Inc., that oversees the Java platform and all the specifications supporting it.

In a statement, Bill Burke, chief architect at JBoss Group, said, "We believe that we have substantial value to contribute to the group [JCP] and that we, as an organization, will also benefit from the perspective and experience of its members."

Rob Gingell, chair of the JCP and Suns chief engineer, as well as a vice president and Sun fellow, in a statement welcomed JBoss to the JCP: "This step demonstrates that JBoss Group shares the common interest that underlies the community in the advancement of compatible Java implementations and I believe that the JBoss Group will be an active, important contributor to the evolution of the Java technology."

JBoss currently remains at odds with Sun over the negotiation of a license for the Java 2 Enterprise Edition software.