Job Openings Continue to Rise in Technology

Job vacancies in technology keep expanding month over month, and year over year according to two monthly reports that track and report employment opportunities, supply and demand rates and job titles in demand.

Job openings for technology professionals continue to grow significantly from the same time last year. Silicon Valley continues to see a resurgence of job opportunities with a 61 percent increase from November 2009 at more than 4,600 openings in the region, according to a monthly report from technology job board Dice.

Other regions increasing job opportunities from last year include Chicago (51 percent) with 3,050, Seattle (78 percent) at 2,340, Atlanta (58 percent) with 2,329 and Dallas (41 percent) with 2,145. Additional regions have grown in the 25 to 40 percent range including Washington D.C. (26 percent) with 8,392 job openings, New York metro area (31 percent) with 8,545, Boston (34 percent) with 2,543, Philadelphia (35 percent) with 2,059, and Los Angeles (38 percent) with 2,931.

The increase in job openings for technology professionals is further confirmed by a monthly report released by the Conference Board, a non profit business advocacy organization that tracks online job vacancies from a spectrum of job sources.

"In this slow economic recovery, the October rise is welcome news that the trend in labor demand continues to move in a positive direction, albeit at a very moderate pace," said June Shelp, Vice President at The Conference Board in a statement. "The October increase reflected a moderate rise in a range of occupations and geographically across the nation. The slow but steady upward trend of the last seven months points to modest growth in employment through the end of 2010."

Job openings have increased across technology management, health care management and computer systems engineering jobs. Management job vacancies increased by 20,200; Computer and mathematical sciences jobs increased by 14,500 with demand for systems analysts, software engineers, and web developers.

Across all industries job openings increased over 113,000 to 4,409,800 in October after an increase of over 59,000 in September. The supply and demand rate is 3.44 unemployed for every job vacancy which is down from last year's peak in October of 4.73 unemployed for every job vacancy.