Keynote Keeps Enterprises on Alert

Two performance monitoring and alerting services let firms quickly access performance data and integrate it into their existing management infrastructure.

SAN FRANCISCO--Keynote Systems Inc. is pushing its Internet performance management services deeper into enterprises with plans to provide two performance monitoring and alerting services in July.

Keynote, which completed its third Global Internet Performance Conference here this week, announced its Data Pulse and SNMP Adapter services to specifically target the increased need among enterprises to quickly access performance data and integrate it into their existing management infrastructure.

"Enterprises are increasingly treating the Internet as an extension of the corporate LAN," said Lloyd Taylor, vice president of technology and operations at the San Mateo, Calif., company.

Data Pulse, by using XML, provides raw performance data in real time instead of as FTP downloads, he said. The SNMP Adapter, through a network appliance placed at a customers location, can deliver alerts about Web performance problems directly into any enterprise management system rather than simply as e-mail. Data Pulse starts at $1,000 a month, and the SNMP Adapter starts at $1,250 a month.

Keynote also is planning to add even deeper integration of its services beyond alarms into enterprise management systems in the future, said Taylor, who declined to provide a specific time table. Keynote already has such integration with Computer Associates International Inc.s Unicenter.

Keynote, though, hasnt stopped with the additional enterprise integration. The company also announced this week another new service, Keynote Testing Portal, along with enhancements to three existing services.

The Testing Portal, available now, integrates the companys Test Perspective and LoadPro load testing services for real-time access to results of Web applications tests as well as improved reporting.

The focus of the enhancements are on providing performance and availability data about transactions. Keynote Transaction Perspective 4.0, available in July, provides detailed transaction performance problems pinpointed to every component of every page to more quickly diagnose and repair problems, officials said. It starts at $1,295 per URL each month.

The Keynote Wireless Perspective 2.0, available now, is gaining support for wireless transactions such as those conducted through WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) and pinpoints SMS (Short Message Service) performance. It starts at $995 a month for the Enterprise Edition.

In July, Keynote is releasing Red Alert 2.0, which adds support for transactions to its accessibility monitoring capabilities, officials said. It starts at $99.95 per month per transaction.