LABS GALLERY: Google Wave Developer Preview Shows Platforms Potential

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LABS GALLERY: Google Wave Developer Preview Shows Platforms Potential

by Jim Rapoza

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Google Wave

Google Wave combines standard e-mail interface coventions with some nice interactive capabilities for real-time collaboration and Web platform development.

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In a Google Wave collaboration, users can view entries in real time, comment on and edit content, and interact with media, images, documents and live Web services.

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As one would expect from a Google product, search is well-integrated in Google Wave, making it possible to launch Waves from searches or to tie search results to a Wave discussion.

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Debug Menu

Most advanced control of a Google Wave is done from within the Debug menu. For example, users can find and add Gadgets to their Waves from the Debug menu.

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Google Wave Gadgets are small applications that can be added to Waves to provide a wide variety of functionality, such as mapping and location awareness.

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A Google Wave Robot is an extension to a Wave that can use data entered within a Wave to add content or carry out other automated activities. This simple Robot is a Magic 8 Ball that responds to questions within a Wave.

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Waves into Websites

One of the more interesting aspects of Google Wave is the ability to embed Waves into external Websites. Here, I've added my Magic 8 Ball Wave to the eWEEK Emerging Technology blog.