Lakeside Software: Product Overview and Insight

Lakeside Software provides its customers with tools to monitor, analyze and optimize end-user experience by gathering performance and end-user data directly from the place end users consume IT—the endpoint.


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Today: Lakeside Software (Workplace Analytics)

Company Description: Lakeside Software provides digital experience monitoring and workspace analytics and is headquartered in Bloomfield Hills, Mich. with offices around the globe. The company was founded in 1998 by its CEO Michael Schumacher and is privately held.   

Lakeside Software helps IT place end users at the center of their initiatives providing them with tools to monitor, analyze and optimize end-user experience by gathering performance and end-user data directly from the place end users consume IT—the endpoint, providing IT teams with the endpoint visibility they need to enhance business productivity.

Markets:  Lakeside Software’s key markets are in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

International Operations:  Lakeside Software has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Dubai, India, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan and Germany. To contact specific worldwide office locations, go here.

Product and Services:  SysTrack is a workspace analytics solution that monitors, analyzes and optimizes end-user experience directly from the endpoint. Go here to see a demonstration.

Key Features: The solution functions as a key tool in the areas of Digital Experience Monitoring, IT Asset Optimization, Event Correlation and Analysis, and Desktop Transformation.

SysTrack offers the following functionalities:

  • Continuous user segmentation: Monitor endpoint data on performance, usage, and IT tools to properly segment users into personas.
  • Need-based procurement: Track the utilization of every endpoint resource and use that data to optimize IT procurement and IT maintenance.
  • Proactive support: Spot, be alerted, and fix IT mishaps that may impact end-user productivity many times before users become aware of the issues.
  • IT/Service provider SLA transparency: Validate and quantify SLA vendor claims through continuous monitoring of endpoint data.
  • Desktop transformation: Plan an EUC rollout by first assessing the solution for fit, plan the rollout to minimize end-user disruption, and quantify the success of the deployment.
  • Application license utilization management: Have a clear picture of the licensing landscape, usage, and requirements so that you can better match licensing to what is being used.
  • Hardware performance management: Track hardware life, performance and usage to make more informed investment and management decisions.
  • Application performance management: Know how applications are consuming endpoint resources and supporting end users so that corrective actions can be taken, if needed.
  • Collective intelligence benchmarking: Compare your environment’s performance against other groups and IT departments to set the bar for performance for your projects.
  • ITSM optimization: Offer endpoint visibility to helpdesk agents to reduce the length and quantity of interactions with end users and improve quality of service.
  • Root cause analysis: Use real-time and historical endpoint data to drill down and find the root cause of issues, many times before they happen.

Insight and Analysis:  Lakeside Software is among the leading providers of analytics and business intelligence solutions for IT professionals. The company’s SysTrack platform makes it easy to collect and utilize environmental and user data to improve end user experience, accelerate transformation initiatives like VDI (virtual desktops implementations), and reduce costs overall. SysTrack can be used with any physical or virtual infrastructures , with desktops and servers, and is compatible with any and all VDI platforms, including Citrix, Dell, Microsoft, VMware and others. 

The SysTrack platform simplifies complex IT tasks such as automated power management, user auditing, performance monitoring, change management, event management, latency and end-user experience management, application resource analysis, chargeback, virtualization assessment and planning, application pool design and many others. 

SysTrack’s Virtual Machine Planner (VMP) provides an integrated tool suite that offers VDI assessment, VDI capacity planning, virtualization modeling and predictive analysis, migration planning, storage throughput and space planning, power planning, firewall and latency analysis, user and application behavior analysis, pooled desktop/image planning and application virtualization compatibility analysis.

To ensure successful VDI deployments, Atlantis Computing recommends that customers use tools like SysTrack to plan efficiently to meet performance and scalability requirements. SysTrack’s VMP can be used to establish a performance baseline with a physical PC infrastructure so you’ll know how to quantify the user experience you’re currently delivering. And there is no better way to understand how poorly conventional storage solutions perform in VDI environments than to see it with your own eyes in your own labs. Tools like SysTrack VMP will quantify that for you. 

With a quantitative tool like SysTrack VMP underpinning your VDI deployment, the performance, scalability and cost benefits from Atlantis USX will be based on statistics from your own environment. The use of comprehensive IT analytics and infrastructure management tools like SysTrack will help you deploy and manage your IT infrastructures—both physical and virtual—for optimum efficiency and overall lower cost, and keep them running that way as they grow and evolve over time. --Atlantis Computing

Added note: Citrix offers free access to SysTrack from Lakeside Software, a unique assessment tool that evaluates the current state and scope of your environment, and then reports on how a Citrix Workspace can help improve it. Go here to get started with this option.

List of current customers:

  • Kelsey Seybold Clinic
  • Real Estate Investment Trust
  • AVIS
  • Telefonica
  • Aibel

Delivery: Deployment of Lakeside Software’s SysTrack solution is offered for installation on-premises and as a cloud SaaS offering.

Pricing: For pricing details, please contact [email protected]

Other key players in this market:

  • Nexthink
  • Riverbed
  • Nanoheal
  • Flexera
  • Tanium

Contact information for potential customers: 

  • Website: Click on “Get Started”
  • HQ/U.S. Telephone: +1 (248) 686-1700
  • To contact specific worldwide office locations and telephone numbers, go here.


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