Lancope Launches IDS Mgmt. Tool

New management console lets administrators manage multiple IDS appliances from a central location.

Lancope Inc. on Tuesday unveiled its new StealthWatch Management Console, which is designed to enable administrators to manage multiple IDS appliances from a central location.

The console collects data from all of the StealthWatch IDS boxes deployed in a given network and correlates the information. A user can select a specific security event and get details on that attack or use the information to help identify trends or coordinated attacks across the network.

The user interface includes reporting, logging and management screens. It also allows users to define their own views, query data and customize reports based on any given aspect of a security event.

For example, a user can design a custom report detailing all of the attacks from a certain IP address, every attack on a given port or every instance of a specific type of attack.

Lancopes IDS (intrusion detection system) appliances rely on a behavior-based approach instead of using attack signatures and are designed to help eliminate false positives and other problems associated with traditional IDS systems.

But even using that approach, the appliances still generate large amounts of data, which is where the new Management Console comes in. Lancope, based in Atlanta, is aiming the new console at the large enterprise market.

"As we deploy more StealthWatch appliances, it is becoming increasingly challenging and time-consuming to correlate network data and report on our enterprise-wide security status," said Dan Agronow, vice president of technology for, also in Atlanta. "The technology behind the StealthWatch Management Console would improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of our monitoring and reporting functions and free us to focus on more imperative security initiatives."

The Management console is available now and costs $50,000.