Looking for an IT Job? Infosys May Be Looking for You

The first innovation center will open in Indiana in August and is expected to become the work location for 2,000 employees by 2021.


IT consultancy Infosys revealed May 2 that it will hire about 10,000 U.S. workers during the next two years and said it plans to establish four new technology and innovation hubs in the States.

The first center will open in Indiana in August and is expected to become the work location for 2,000 employees by 2021. Projects expected to be undertaken will include those in artificial intelligence, machine learning, user experience, emerging digital technologies, cloud and big data.

These four hubs will not only have technology and innovation focus areas but will closely serve clients in such key industries as financial services, manufacturing, health care, retail, energy and others.

"Infosys is committed to hiring 10,000 American technology workers over the next two years to help invent and deliver the digital futures for our clients in the US," CEO Vishal Sikka said. Sikka is a former president of SAP.

This development comes as part of Infosys' continued legacy of a three decades-long investment across the U.S., Sikka said.

In filling these jobs, Infosys will hire experienced technology professionals and recent graduates from major universities, and local and community colleges to create the talent pools for the future. To ensure that American workers are fully equipped to innovate and support clients in the rapid digitization of all industries, the company will institute training programs in key competencies such as user experience, cloud, artificial intelligence, big data and digital offerings, as well as core technology and computer science skills.

In other Infosys news, the company said it will stage its annual conference, Confluence, May 23-25 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

This year’s event focuses on AI and how users can leverage it to create a collaborative and innovative workforce. It features panels and demos on AI, augmented and virtual reality and blockchain across different industries.

Customers participating include Aetna, BP, McDonald’s, Pfizer and others. Sessions include:

--"Where Will AI Take Us?" which will explore AI’s possibilities and how people find more and more creative and meaningful ways to work;

--"Why Robots Make Great Colleagues", which entails real-life stories of robotic-automated processes taking care of repetitive, time-consuming work and allowing people to move up, innovate and deliver higher value work;

--"Trust Blockchain to Do It", in which experts share applications for blockchain technology, from connected healthcare benefits to tackling human trafficking.

For more information on jobs at Infosys, go here.

Infosys is a global player in technology services and consulting with clients in more than 50 countries. It employs more than 200,000 people across the globe.

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