Macromedia Rolls Out Development Kit

Kit offers extensions, components and resources to help Flash, Dreamweaver and ColdFusion developers create and deploy rich Internet apps.

Macromedia Inc. on Friday announced the availability of the Macromedia MX Developer Resource Kit, Volume One, a new tool to help developers create applications using Macromedias products.

Macromedia officials said the kit, which is the first in a quarterly series, contains extensions, components and resources to enable Macromedia Flash MX, Dreamweaver MX and ColdFusion MX developers to easily create and deploy rich Internet applications. The Macromedia MX Developer Resource Kit, Volume One, costs $99 and is available now.

The kit contains articles and resources, Macromedia Flash MX components and Dreamweaver MX extensions. The extensions and components for Macromedia Flash MX and Dreamweaver MX will only be available as part of the kit. In addition, the kit contains an archive of more than 400MB of content from the Macromedia Designer & Developer Center, including sample applications and tutorials.

For Dreamweaver MX developers, the kit contains extensions for Web site building and application development. The extensions help display data in PHP applications, add functions to the file menu in Dreamweaver and edit themes for sites developed using Radio Userland for editing Weblogs.

Meanwhile, for Macromedia Flash MX developers, the kit includes a new DataGrid component, which displays data in a tabular format within rich Internet applications, the San Francisco company said. The DataGrid supports scrolling, paging, Macromedia Flash Remoting, customization, editable cells and custom cell renderers, company officials said.

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