Macromedias Allaire Calling It Quits

The company's chief technology officer is joining a venture firm as technologist/entrepreneur in residence.

Chief Technology Officer Jeremy Allaire is leaving Macromedia Inc.

Writing on his Weblog this week, Allaire said he is calling it quits after having spent eight years at the company that bore his name, Allaire Corp., and Macromedia, which acquired Allaire two years ago.

"After eight years with Allaire and Macromedia, Ive decided to move on," Allaire wrote. "What a ride its been, and will no doubt continue to be."

Allaire said this week will mark his last at San Francisco-based Macromedia.

"After this week, Ill be moving to a Boston-area venture firm, where Ill be a technologist/entrepreneur in residence," Allaire wrote on his "blog" on Wednesday. "Im going to help them find interesting opportunities, and then work with their early stage companies. I have a lot to learn."

Describing the evolution of his original company and then Macromedia over the last couple of years, Allaire wrote: "Macromedia acquired Allaire two years ago with the vision to create a new kind of Internet software company. Left-brain and right-brain. Content and applications. Designers and developers. Clients and servers."

Allaire said Macromedia succeeded in repositioning Macromedias Flash as a leading rich client runtime on the Web; breathed new life into Allaires baby, ColdFusion, adding XML, Web services support and Java 2 Enterprise Edition application server support; and promoted a new category of applications the company dubbed "rich Internet applications."

Despite leaving the company, Allaire said he will maintain some involvement with it and its customer base.

"Ill have a role as a Founder Emeritus of Macromedia, keeping active with Macromedias customer community, periodically writing and speaking on Macromedias behalf, and also staying in touch with Macromedia management and helping great products like Macromedia Flash, Dreamweaver and ColdFusion keep up with the times," he said.