ManageEngine: Product Overview and Insight

eWEEK RESOURCE PAGE: With a portfolio of more than 90 products and free tools purpose-built for inherent integration, ManageEngine has penetrated a highly consolidated market by offering innovative and affordable IT management solutions for businesses.


Company Name: ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corp. (multifacted front-end and back-end business software)

Company description: Launched in 2002, ManageEngine is the IT management division of Zoho Corporation. With a portfolio of over 90 products and free tools purpose-built for inherent integration, ManageEngine has penetrated a highly consolidated market by offering innovative and affordable IT management solutions for businesses. Worldwide, established and emerging enterprises—including more than 60 percent of Fortune 500 companies—rely on ManageEngine's real-time IT management tools to ensure tight business-IT alignment and optimal performance of their IT infrastructure, including networks, servers, applications, desktops, and mobile devices. ManageEngine is bringing IT together for IT teams that need to deliver real-time services and support.

  • Privately held
  • 6,000 total employees
  • Founder and CEO: Sridhar Vembu
  • President: Raj Sabhlok
  • Headquarters: 4141 Hacienda Drive, Pleasanton, Calif. 94588 USA

Phone: +1.925.924.9500

Markets: EMEA, North America, APAC

International Operations: Offices in Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Yokohoma, Japan; Beijing, China; Tenkasi, India; Chennai, India; Renigunta, India; Singapore; Austin, Texas.

Product and Services

Help Desk

ServiceDesk Plus: ServiceDesk Plus is web-based, IT help desk software with integrated asset and project management features built on an ITIL framework. For more than 10 years, ServiceDesk Plus has provided millions of end users and IT staff alike greater visibility and central control over IT issues.

Desktop and Mobile Device Management

Desktop Central: Desktop Central is integrated desktop and mobile device management software that helps technicians manage servers, laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets from a central location. It automates routine jobs like patch installation, software distribution, IT asset and software license management, and remote control of desktops.

Mobile Device Manager Plus: Mobile Device Manager Plus is an enterprise mobile device management solution designed to enhance employee productivity without compromising corporate security.

Active Directory

ADManager Plus: ADManager Plus isa Windows Active Directory (AD) management and reporting solution that helps AD administrators and help desk technicians with their day-to-day activities.

ADSelfService Plus: ADSelfService Plus is an integrated self-service Active Directory password management and single sign-on solution. Inarguably the industry's most feature-rich solution, ADSelfService Plus supports both on-premises Active Directory and cloud applications for password management.


OpManager: OpManager offers full network monitoring capabilities that help admins monitor network performance, detect network faults in real time, troubleshoot errors, and prevent downtime. As a powerful network monitor, it supports multivendor IT environments and can scale to fit any network.

Applications Manager: Applications Manager is an integrated application performance monitoring tool for all server and application monitoring needs.

IT Security

Log360: Log360 is a comprehensive security information and event management solution which collects, analyzes, searches, reports, and archives logs from a central location. Log360 provides IT security teams a single console to audit Active Directory changes, network device logs, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, and public cloud infrastructure.

Password Manager Pro: Password Manager Pro is a secure vault for storing and managing shared sensitive information such as passwords, documents, and digital identities of enterprises. It centralizes password storage and access to eliminate password fatigue and security lapses.

Key Manager Plus: Key Manager Plus is a web-based key management solution that helps admins consolidate, control, manage, monitor, and audit the entire life cycle of SSH keys and SSL certificates. It provides visibility into SSH and SSL environments and helps administrators take total control of keys to preempt breaches and compliance issues.

Advanced analytics for IT

Analytics Plus: Analytics Plus is an on-premises reporting and business intelligence solution that helps admins easily analyze their IT data and create insightful reports and dashboards for informed decision-making. Analytics Plus' powerful visualizations offer key insights for making business-critical decisions.

Others: Patch management, endpoint management and security, vulnerability management, remote monitoring and management, browser security management, remote support/access.

Key Features

ServiceDesk Plus: Track incidents, implement changes, automate ticket dispatch, manage an entire IT asset inventory, gain IT help desk insights, publish all IT services in a service catalog, and empower end users with a self-service portal.

Mobile Device Manager Plus: Provide secure access to corporate email, remotely distribute and manage documents, manage all business-critical applications, separate corporate and personal information on each managed device, fortify enterprise security, and simplify device enrollment.

ADManager Plus: Automate various Active Directory (AD) tasks, such as provisioning new accounts, deprovisioning old accounts, or managing user attributes. Safely delegate user management tasks to the appropriate individuals and generate more than 140 prepackaged reports.

OpManager: Analyze firewall logs, perform in-depth bandwidth analysis, track physical and virtual servers, monitor networks in real time, and handle various network configuration changes. Track switch ports and the devices connected to them.

Analytics Plus: Import data from various sources, then generate reports on that data and publish them so they're accessible to others. Integrate with other products to gain deeper insights into various aspects of IT management, like help desk operations and application monitoring.

Applications Manager: Monitor over 100 key performance indicators of applications, including response time, resource availability, and CPU/memory utilization. Perform application discovery and dependency mapping, get a flexible view of business applications and network services, monitor end-user experience, and manage business services.

Desktop Central: Perform various management tasks for desktops and mobile devices, including patch management, software deployment, asset management, and remote control. Generate Active Directory reports and set Windows configurations.

ADSelfService Plus: Synchronize passwords across multiple platforms, notify users about password expirations, and provide secure access to cloud applications with Active Directory (AD)-based single sign-on. Enable end users to reset their login passwords, unlock their accounts, update their AD information, and search for other employees' information.

Password Manager Pro: Leverage a centralized password vault, share credentials securely, record privileged sessions, and launch remote connections. Take care of account discovery, password protection and management, password ownership and synchronized sharing, and automated password resets. 

Log360: Achieve integrated compliance management, leverage real-time Active Directory monitoring, and perform agentless and agent-based log collection. Simplify Office 365 auditing. Perform forensic analysis and reporting. Take advantage of more than 1,000 predefined report and alert profiles, streamlined incident management and an event-correlation engine.

Other key players in this market: BMC Software, Solarwinds, ServiceNow, Atlassian, CA Technologies

General Analysis

Gartner Peer Reviews has more than 100 personal reviews of various products. The reviews are generally very good. Here is the lead item:

Overall Comments: "We used this application quite intensively for 2.5 years. Overall happy with it but there were issues that could not be addressed without a workaround, and one of the issues couldn't be worked around and is integrated into the whole database design so expect it won't ever change. We did have third parties that use the application complain about the User Interface design, however, personally, I don't see a problem with it. These comments only related to the MSP version Service Desk. Non-MSP versions are great and I would highly recommend them."

Pros: "Always quick to response. We have a good local user group community in New Zealand, although mostly driven through the local distributor. Functions in the application are great, and covered all our MSP requirements."

Cons: "Some of the logic behind the linking of the tables doesn't make sense (for us having things like SLA's etc being Account driven makes more sense than Site driven, etc). Found when dealing with support we were talking across each other and on both sides making wrong assumptions about issues. Development of the MSP version seems to be lagging behind the non-MSP versions. They take lots of multiple requests for features, but no indication of timeline or if they will actually be implemented. In some cases it's always a 'yes it will happen' and then things get implemented that may only benefit a small portion of application users. Overall. though. have been happy with the product and the vendor support, but due to key issues we have moved to another application."

ITR Tech integrates into many of ManageEngine's products; go here to see a full-scale accounting.

In Gartner Research's 2017 SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) Magic Quadrant, ManageEngine is in the lower left quadrant as a "challenger" against such longtime market leaders as IBM, Splunk, Macafee, Rapid7, Securonix and LogRhythm. ManageEngine is ranked alongside such companies as Dell RSA, MicroFocus ArcSight,  FireEye, AlienVault, Fortinet and Solrwinds.

IT Central Station has a large number of product reviews here.

Delivery: ManageEngine products are available on-premises, with the exception of Site24x7 and AlarmsOne.The following solutions offer cloud versions as well: ServiceDesk Plus, Mobile Device Manager Plus, Patch Manager Plus, Cloud Security Plus, and O365 Manager Plus. ManageEngine also provides mobile apps for most of its solutions, setting administrators up for on-the-go IT management. Across its on-premises, cloud and mobile app offerings, ManageEngine's products are known for their straightforward setup process, including quick installation.

List of current customers: Toyota Boshoku Corp., Sony, Symantec, Disney, Emirates, Nexstar TV, VMware

Pricing: Go here.

Contact information for potential customers:
[email protected]oll-Free 1-888-720-9500
International or U.S. 1-925-924-9500

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