Managing The Supply Chain Via The Web

An update to Vigilance's supply chain event management software offers real-time event management via UDDI registered Web services, XML-based collaborative forms and closed-loop control.

Vigilance Inc. tomorrow will announce general availability of software that provides supply chain event management capabilities presented as Web services.

Version 3.0 of the Vigilance SCEM Suite offers real-time event management via UDDI registered Web services, XML-based collaborative forms and closed-loop control to the enterprise.

In this respect, Version 3.0 is compliant to major Web services standards including Web Services Description Language, SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), XML and Microsoft Corp.s .Net framework. This allows Vigilances core event management functionality to be easily extended into e-business portals and into the management of complex, cross-enterprise supply chain processes. It also lets other systems to access key Vigilance components via its Web services API, according to Subhash Tantry, co-founder and CTO at Vigilance in Sunnyvale, Calif.

"We have exposed some of the key components in Vigilance as Web services," said Tantry. "What that means is people can put portals on top of [Vigilance] and be able to display key events and respond to that."

Those components include exception services, which allow users to render all key events in a portal, as well as the Vigilance event engine, which lets users subscribe to key events that are published out to the network.

Version 3.0s Closed Loop Control allows users to create transactions from within Vigilance to another source system, resulting in real-time process management to communities without direct access to source systems, according to Tantry. The Close Loop system can also be customized to automatically resolve events that meet predefined criteria.

Configurable XML-based forms, called Vigilance Collaborative Forms, allow for the codification of business rules to enable collaboration with business partners.

Because Web services security is still relatively immature, Vigilance has partnered with Actional Corp., which provides a SOAP switch that resides at the supplier site. The switch exposes Web services that have been authorized by the supplier and allows for encryption and decryption of information.

Vigilance will announce the relationship with Actional at Microsofts upcoming TechEd conference.

Additional features of Vigilance SCEM 3.0 include the Vigilance Real-Time Data Manager, which normalizes data from multiple, disparate systems. The Vigilance Enterprise Manager provides a unified console based on Microsofts Operation Manager.

Adapters for and SAP AGs R/3 enterprise resource planning software are available with 3.0, for integration with SAP systems.